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 Great review at About.com

"The Tailsaver is a simple, affordable piece of protective equipment that every snowboarder should own."




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Essential protection for snowboarders


  • Shock absorbant

  • Insulating

  • Easy to use


Price: 245 SEK /23 Euro




Tel: +46-70-397 66 02

Fax: +46-8-649 44 47














Heading for a sit-down! The first times it's fun, but after a while every landing is painful. Hard falls can also damage your tailbone and cause 

enduring pain.



















Initially intended for snowboarders

Tailsaver is making life easier for skaters as well.


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Gear of the Year

...making boarding more fun..."

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 Celebrities Markus Fagervall &   Josefine Sundström like their 

Tailsavers and show it.

Carolina GynningCarina Berg learn tricks and land on their Tailsavers.