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Fall softer with a 



















A better start


Snowboard is fun -

but it hurts so bad!


Beginners on snowboard fall on their behind. Helmet, wrist guards and knee pads are common, but the bottom and tailbone 

are often left without padding or protection.


Everyone who has tried snowboarding knows how painful it is at first. Bruises and an aching tailbone are standard procedure for most beginning 



A TAILSAVER can make the difference for a good or bad week in the slopes.


TAILSAVER is perfect for beginners and good for anyone who wants simple and basic tailbone protection.


Figure skating is fun -

but the falls are no joke!


The body takes a real beating from falls on hard ice. Skaters risk lifelong damage to their tailbone and pelvis, damage that can be avoided with a shock absorbing protective pad.


TAILSAVER is easy to use in training and perfect for temporary protection when practising new tricks and routines.



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